a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Friday, 28 August 2015

Nice memories of the Festival of Quilts 2015.

Lovely days at FoQ this year too :-)
Can`t show you pics of all the 800 shops as I did not make
to visit them all, but here are a few.
A few of the quilts from the big exhibition, hundreds
of beautiful small and big quilts :-)
Some good food every day!
"Hello"to some friends and celebrities :)))

Fewer buys than earlier years, but love what I bought, of course.

I came home after being in UK after 6 days.
I loved it there this year too! I did bring with me some stitching
for my Butterfly Garden, but my little sewing box was not opened!!
Back to normal now with sewing etc. AND celebrations for SIL
 on the 5th and my DD on the 14th in the lucky month of September,
both being 40 years old :-) Happy Sewing to you, from Grethe xx 

Friday, 31 July 2015

54 out of 81, so I`m moving forward ...

In my mind all the time ... 
... the butterflies, I mean. 
Really waiting for them to fly into our garden.
Meanwhile here is -Butterflies Mini Quilt- 14"x18 1/2" by Laundry Basket quilts.
All butterflies in 100% cotton Batik. Just finished this little quilt at the
nick of time for OPAM. Still waiting for a week of sunshine for the flowers
on the bush. The quilt is already on the wall inside actually :-)

Then the BIG thing: 54/81  :-)
 Have showed you blocks of  my BUTTERFLY GARDEN
by Leanne B. before, I know. Some development right now as three + three
blocks are linked. Way back, before I started blogging and after Leanne B. 
had been visiting us here in Norway, I bought the pattern
from a shop here, fabrics from my stash are still in the same two boxes.
Gave me such a pleasent feeling inside of me :-)  
I will start working on the rest of the blocks, think I must plan on every
day of one week. Will be a big quilt; Suitable for our bed, I am sure!)
When I first started sewing I only did stem stitching . 
 Thanks to Chookyblue`s SALs I now always do the back
 stitching :-)  Only 3 blocks left  (read 27 mini block to make), 
ready for preparing blocks 4, 5 and 6  in late August. 

Well yes, one finish for July: happy, happy!! AND
happy, happy: closer hope for a visit Festival of Quilts in UK next week.
Happy sewing to you and thanks for reading this time too :-) 
 Grethe xx 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Only 4 days left ....

.... till one month has passed since my last post!
I know, shame on me;sorry, hope to improve.

 Summer holidays for most people in Norway at the moment :-)
Here we are the closest of my family, from left;
Mona, DH, Siri, Marius,Erik, then Eline 10, me and Kasper 12.
Mona is growing, my son Erik is as happy as can be;
the baby boy is due in early October! 
Same proceeds as the previous years: down at our summer place :-)
For me this year only 4 days as I have problems with my knee.
but stronger tablets etc. makes things better and better. Being ever so
careful, so I can make the trip to Festival of Quilts in England later,
 I hope, I hope.....

Summer 2015 collage, windy and cold, but such a warm sun
when it happened to smile to us :-)
Some happy collage picturs to watch!
For the first time EVER on a holiday, I did not bring any sewing
with me. Will never happen again, that`s for sure. 

No finishes yet, but I have been working on Simply Blessed. 
Think  I told you that May Britt at Abyquilt and HanneQuilt
arrange a sew-together during the Tour of France called Tour de Fiber.
All happening on FB during the competition.
Glad to have finished these three blocks, pattern by Rosalie Quintain.
Things takes time! Probably a wall hanging to be!
Still waiting for the dream summer to come, warm sun and cold wind
as well as rainshowers seem to be mixed up almost every day.

Butterfly bush is really slow growing.
The two first pics here are from 2015 and the third from 2014!
Hopefully it will bloom and many butterflies will visit :-)

Meanwhile I must get a move-on with with this little quilt-to-be.
This one will be a little,sweet one, more later on one day ... lol ...
... and my knee and leg is getting better and better! Bigger hope for
the Festival of Quilts in UK, August 6-92015 :-)
Have the best of time, till later, Grethe xx

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

nice to know ....

Summertime is here in Norway, and tomorrow it is
 supposed to be the warmest day so far in the area where I live :-)
My two grandchildren, Kasper 12 and and Eline 10, visited
yesterday. Here they are enjoying the hose with ever so cold water.

So far, so good: stitchery all done for Gail Pan`s bag, moving
on soon as possible with the cutting and sewing; 
may be very delayed due the holiday coming up soon.

Beautiful colour of Easter :-)
and I was lucky to buy some fabrics at half price.
The range is from Sweetwater by Moda and called Sunkissed.
 From our best  Q-shop here in Oslo: Kathrines Quiltestue,
 by me called Kat.Q. ... lol ...
I think the fabric is a good match to our Easter china called
"Woodland"  by Wood and Sons , Burslem England
bought by my mother years ago and is discontinued. 
The fabrics are for a table topper at Easter time.

Anyway, as I said our summerholiday soon to be, same as every year.
BUT before that is the Tour de France. In quilting circles called
"TOUR de FIBER", started by MayBritt and Hanne some years ago.
Great fun as well as very serious;  I will be stitching on "Simply Blessed". 
as well as preparing on my very,very slow project "Butterfly Garden".

When reading your blogs, OH, how I admire those of you  finishing projects.
 Grethe xx

Sunday, 14 June 2015

... June this and June that, but ...

... no complete finishes yet, soon, I do hope :-)
 I`m still here, oh boy, so slow working on my stitchery.
SIMPLY BLESSED by Rosalie Q. will be on my wall one day,
some of the blocks anyway, I promise ...  :-)
My monthly sewing group had such a nice, 
last day at Kathrines Quiltestue.
We were 12 in this stitching group, but as Summer holidays
have started, a few did not make the last meeting. 

Thanks a lot to HELLE, our instructor for help and enjoyable time. 
She shows the tray of fabrics from the new collection of
 Jen Kingwell, who is soon to visit Norway giving us inspiration
as well as 4 days of work classes.

On our green lawn to day:-)
I am working on my Kaffe Fassett CHINA SHOP 2015 too.
Could be the reason why Simply Blessed takes longer time :-)

End of term for my DD`s ballett instructers, and they 
needed some good tasting food, homemade bread,cakes,
 So what are mums for ... lol
 CU soon again, Grethe xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Colourful pansies by the entrance and only 1 mail left!

The flower pot by our entrance, 
they have been blooming for weeks :-)
They were planted in the pot just as the snow melted.
Giveing them food every second day has helped.

50 mails! Most popular on Google or could there be another reason!

About an hour later:
Only one mail left now, -yes, you-  lol :-)

HAPPY SEWING all blog friends,  Hugs, Grethe xx

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Perfect last Sunday in May ...

Enjoyable "birthday party" on a lovley last day of May month.
Slow stittching, great glass of wine as well as yummy, soft
and sweet cakes; especially bought for the occation ... lol

So far, so good on the largest stitchery!
One day soon my beautiful Gail Pan bag will be finished;
 look-alike as I have all the fabric, washed and ironed.

Close-up of the bag to be!
Thank you Chookyblue for inviting me to your 3 years shed party!
Without you this kit would still have been in the box.
Must admit I had thought I had finished it all in one weekend,
but June month is such a good month to work on UFOs :))
Hugs, Grethe xx 

Saturday, 30 May 2015

..... stitching as fast as I can .....

Still an enjoyable birthday party :-)
Great picture for you, Chookyblue; hope the celebration
in your shed is the best of all this year too :-)

Saturday report: So far - so good - on my stitchery! 
One day this will be part of a beautiful bag, 
BUT  my "rock solid plan" has changed.
Happy Stitching for me tomorrow as well ... lol ...
Hugs, Grethe xx

Friday, 29 May 2015

an early start on a rainy Saturday .....

Looking forward to a special birthday party in my
own home. I am sure lots of great things on all blogs
celebrating Chookyblue`s 3 years-birthday of the shed!!

a "blue" weekend has started :))   
 a GAIL PAN bag to be made 
This beautiful kit was bought from Janenee at Fabric Patch
late last year. Being May 30th I am all set:

- stitchery will be made on Saturday
- cutting, sewing + etc. on Sunday

Rock solid plan, I am sure! Time to pop into blogs as well :-)
Now, another cup of coffey will get me started.
Enjoy your day. Hugs, Grethe xx

Virtual Sewing Party .....

Busy weekend to come as I have joined the celebration of a
"3 year`s birthday party" at Chookyblue `s in Australia!
 Read all  about it on her blog!
 A cyber sewing weekend for blog friends.
Lots of sewing during the next two days:))
AND my GD has a performance, a play called " Circus".
At 10 years old it is very serious and fun when being part of corps de
ballet. I`ll be watching from the front seat on Saturday!
Yes, busy weekend ahead, organizing all I will need for the
celebration and of course the sewing right now :))
More news from me tomorrow. Happy Sewing to all; Grethe xx