a quilt lady

a quilt lady

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

one down .. one up .. one envelope

Yes, this quilt is coming down!
The trellis quilt to be stored away for the time being.
No year written on the backing, shame on me, but main
fabric is called "in the beginning"

This one must go up.
A good hand helping me to reach to the two nails up there!
So pleased to hang a new up on the wall. It is Kaffe Fassett fabrics and
 the quilt is called Chelsea, Pauline Smith made the pattern.
 It is in Kaffe`s book from 2007 "quilts in the sun".
The kit was bought from the Cotton Patch, almost the same year.

Check the perfect shaddow quilting on this one:
 Merete,using one of her long arm machines, is
the expert of the quilting :-)

SSCS Christmas present will fit into the envelope,
present for my new SSCS friend. I am sure the envelope already
 is up in the air over some mountains, over some some countries
and over the sea to find my friend  :-)
The SSCS is arranged this year too by Chookyblue, great swap :))
Happy Christmas Sewing to you all!  Hugs, Grethe xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Thinking ahead and a Christmas finish.

One morning I woke up the most beautiful sun rise. 
I had an "appointment" with the phone/read ticketoffice
and being very busy, glad it looked like to be a perfect day.
 With 3 phones I was ready to make a call :-)
YES, I managed get through to make a reservation at the 
Royal Albert hall in London,UK. Tickets are now booked for  
my husband and me + for some other fans! 
On October 14th. 2015 Sir Cliff Richard will celebrate his 75th birthday! 
I decided to celebrate with him ... lol ... It will be a super party, 
I am sure of that, We have earlier been to 5 unforgetable concerts,
including in 2009 with the Shadows as well ... here in Oslo!

Meanwhile I am back to some Christmas sewing, new potholders.
Maybe for a present? maybe for use here in the kitchen? 
or maybe something else?
Happy sewing till next time, Grethe xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

UFO-sewing and the SSCS.

An Advent/Christmas Calendar to be, pattern by AnnAKa Design.
It is more than half finished. 
I have kept it safe in one of my X-mas boxes!
I don`t know about you, but I seem to have too many UFOs. It is
very easy for me to say yes to new projects and then letting the
box (read boxes) with the UFOs just be resting peacefully on a shelf :))

This year too I joined Chookyblue`s SSCS. This secret swap is great fun!
I know my recipient`s name, but try NOT to let her know that I am
  her secret Santa 2014. I have slowly started to work on the present 
 for my new SSCS friend :-)  On my lefthand sidebar you may see
the "to and from" of  my previous years with this swap :)) 

Have fun with your sewing! No snow yet in  my area 
as the rain keeps pournig down,,,  from Grethe xx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Water and Progress.

Did you know that 4000 people die daily due to the lack of water.
I did not. All Norwagians know this is the Sunday for our yearly
money collection for a human reason.
For foreign blog friends I can tell that the cause this year is
We give money to make it easier for poor  people in the world to find
 water closer to where they live. Lately we have seen some sad pictures 
on the TV, the struggle to find water is unhuman. Glad I have helped 
the organization that will arrange the much needed help.

Some progress on my latest new sewing!
My Kaffe Fassett wall hanging, now on the floor, is bonded
and ready to start hand&machine appliqueing. I love the look
of it so far and find the fabric for the border perfect.

See you soon, thanks for reading, take care! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Looking almost like a rose, don`t you think :-)
My white Gardenia is blooming so lovely with a strong, special smell!
About 5 buds on the plant, wonder if they will bloom?

Some of the indoor colours at the moment,
and the Autumn is creeping up on us. 

Look what just arrived :
When at the Norwegian Q.festival I ordered the new, small PFAFF
sewing machine from Quiltefryd. It is called Passport 2.0 and is
the light weight machine easy to bring to any class.
Allthough different from the Pfaff I have, this one works perfectly.
New machine ... New project :-)
I then found an old KAFFE FASSETT kit in a box and started.
 Love the Autumn colour fabrics!
The top is now sewn and hope to bound some flowers on soon. 

Another good match for the Autumn colours: 
Here are the cloud berries. These ones are picked in the northern part 
of Norway, I buy them in the same shop as the reindeer meat.
Christmas may come as planned, all in the freezer now :-)

Thanks for reading it all, hope you enjoyed my post :))
 Happy sewing-thoughts to you,,,  Grethe x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A ... B ... C ...

A ... is for APPLE CAKE:
Thanks to Cheryl for the lovely recipee of the Apple and Vanilla Custard
Teacake. Such  a good taste, the middle is filled with custard cream :-)

The taste of my muffins was perfect! Must work on the looks next time I bake  :-) 

C ... is for CHURN DASH:
Here is Jo Morton with her beautiful quilt called "Picknik Time".
I had a good start on the first work class at the Norwegian Quilt Festival.

My churn dash "picknic" table topper on the green grass.
Have loved using the Liberty fabrics from Sunflower Fabrics:
Looking forward to use my small version of her quilt on our table one
of these days. I enjoyed her work class ever so much, learing
lots of useful tricks how to manage flat seams by cutting correctly
on the back side of the blocks  :-)

Well, here ends my ABC...lol ... Fortunatly I managed 1 finish this
month, pleased now to send a message to OPAM. Enjoy lots of sewing 
at your end. I am soon to make some more hexies for the Hexagon
Sewing Bag, great fun that too, till next time, take care, from Grethe.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It`s history...the first Norwegian Quilt Festival.

Here they are : Kathrine + Siw + Åsne :-)
With a some helpers the three arranged this 
Quilt Festival with great success.

This is pic is taken after the dinner and before the presentation of the
foreign teachers. About 650 quilters from all over Norway came
to enjoy different work classes.

 Below  are some of the designers/teachers.
Lynette Anderson and Jo Morton.
Ma Masako from Japan with her daughter, who translated all
 Masako told us from Japaneese to English .

Sue Daley and Camille Roskelly enjoying a meal with Jennifer
from  Buggy Barn as well as the rep. for Riley fabrics.

Hurrah at last, my turn to be in Lynette`s work class for "the 
Hexagon Sewing Bag". I know many blog friends have made the bag.
 Wonderful to be part of  Lynette`s class once more :))
Proud as can be for showing you my hexies, will take some time 
to finish about 100 of them, but I love making these  :-)

Jo Morton showing her beautiful churn dash quilt.
My finish in the class will not make a big quilt for sure! Thinking
of making some more and ending up with a table runner one day.

Here is a lovely small raindeer, class on Sunday with Lynette,
"Christmas Friends" is a cushion. Great tool she used and
I think I now know how to use them for a perfect! turn-under applique.

What an enjoyable long weekend I have had! I am filled with lovely
 memories, taken about 155 pictures :)) If you pop over to May Britt at
Abyquilt you will enjoy 6 posts of super photos from this Festival.

Thanks for reading, Happy Sewing and all the best to you from Grethe xx

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Waiting at the bus stop for ...

... my blog friend Oddbjørg
We meet now and then, when she visits her son and family  Oslo. 
Stepping out of the bus for her first visit at our house.
She knew I am reorganizing my sewing room
hence mess and boxes all over :-).
First I thought about eating at the pattio, but as the rain suddenly
 showers down these days, we decided to enjoy 
a quick lunch at the kitchen table .

We had warm apple cake and ice cream with coffee.

Knitting and stitching, the time went quickly before Oddbjørg
had to pick up the children at kindergarten. AND we agreed
it had been such a lovely day meeting up again! 

We both are going to Norwegian Quilt Festival next weekend,
but on different work classes. My first one is with Jo Morton
making the churn dash pattern done the easy way. I have picked out
 some of my Liberty`s  bought from Sunflower fabrics in UK.
Busy days from September 11th. till September 14th. I am
all excited.Till next time,all the best to you from Grethe xx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I made it .....

..... making another post this month, I mean!
I finished this little Pattydoo pouch called Susie at the nick of time,
  being the last day of August I am glad to add one finish for the Opam list! 

The Norwegian Quiltfestival are shortly coming up, on Sep. 11 that is.
Much on my mind for bringing the best of this and that for the 3 work classes
I am booked on. But of course there will be about 20 Q-shops there, 
so lacking a thing or two will not a problem. Till next thime then,
wishing you a busy sewing month! From Grethe xx 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The sky is getting darker and darker at the moment.
 A heavy thunderstorm is bound to come.

So a nice meal of sushi/tapas, it is the best. I even had
my "own" bottle of coke, labled for mummy :-).

Hugo had his face stitched the other day, and I have started
on another block of Lynette Anderson`s "a dog`s life".

Below is Susie soon to be. If you check Pattydoo you will easily see what I
 will make out of the 20 cut pieces. Starting to sew soon as can be.

Always loving the butterflies in our small garden. The Butterfly Bush
has had 8 altogether at one time. This is the 4 different types that
have visited here, they come and go when the sun shines brightly.
The red one there is bright red, sharp black with a wee bit of white :-) 

Two blocks done of this lovely Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter shop,
"Snowbird" by Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda.

Well, this is it for now. Exercise at the studio as well as tablets will make
my knee better and better, soon running around, I hope :-)
Meanwhile I have plenty of stitching to do and LOOKING very much
forward to joining the Norwegian QuiltFestival on September 11 :)
Till next time: Happy Sewing to you all, Grethe xx